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Welcome Home!

Dilene Realty Group

Welcome Home!

DRG helps individuals with their real estate goals. Whether you are a buyer seeking new property, a seller eager to sell their current home, or an agent who needs support with on-boarding, business building, agent attraction, etc., Dilene is here to help you obtain your specific goals and set you up for success.

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DRG operates in an agent-centric model through hands-on experience and agent collaboration. This results in expertise in buyers and seller’s neighborhood, price point, and property type making DRG Realtors the perfect fit for your buying and selling experience.


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  • Dallas, Tx 76209
  • Forney, Tx 75126
  • Godley, Tx 76044
  • McLendon-Chisholm, Tx 76032
  • River Oaks, Tx 76114
  • Royse City, Tx 75189
  • Spring Town, Tx 76082


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Agent Attraction

DRG assists its business partners in growing within the real estate environments. Collaborative technology makes it easy to take business to the next level when it comes to not only thinking outside of the box; create the box! Everything is set up for agents to seamlessly keep the transaction moving forward. DRG collaborates with business partners to successfully prepare for their Real Estate career.

As a virtual business assistant, DRG is here to help agents grow, cultivate, and magnify! The concept of working from home is inevitable. Let’s make business fun!

Dilene Allen

M.B.A, Real Estate, Aviation

Dilene Allen is a daughter, sister, mother, and active community member. She serves as a Flight Attendant and have dedicated her time in building homes with Habitat for Humanity within her community. 

As a dual agent, Dilene understands the value of human relatability as well as the importance of aligning with your brand identity to maintain a success business. Dilene operates in combination of her personable nature and a go-getter business mindset to build a powerhouse that supports anyone with real estate goals. Whether you are a buyer or seller, Dilene walks you through the ins-and-out of real estate buying and selling. In contrast, Dilene supports agents by helping them transition to a marketable online persence.

Dilene’s Journey

As told by Dilene Allen

Present Day

Today I am a successful small business owner with a successful Real Estate Corporation. 

I enjoy helping others succeed in life, increase their property portfolio, sell & buy real estate. 

The Journey: eXp Realty edition

As a Flight Attendant I had a mortgage in TX and  a “crash pad” in Chicago! This took guts that I earned with my son’s positive thinking and ingenuity. My son motivated me to pursue my dreams to become a Flight Attendant. My son introduced me to entrepreneurship as an Airbnb homeowner as he started many entrepreneurial companies based upon his positive thinking, planning and goals.

Self Discovery (purpose; what you want - to help others)

Success is going to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. As I have tolerated many things in life, now I must tolerate the learning curve of what it takes to measure my own success, which is an important goal with my sight. I was shamed by peers for a measure of time accepting titles of “You are being extra”, as a negative comment! Now I use those same comments and titles as my fuel! 

The Journey PII (Higher Education)

Setbacks prolong us from our destiny~ 

 Moving forward with my destiny meant that I needed to recognize my slow progression in life was a “mindset”, growing from my setbacks was the key to where I am now. I have taken ownership of personal mistakes. Now I respond aggressively to my challenges in life to overcome my doubts and fears; mindset! 

Now I turn negative renters into home buyers and future real estate students into positive thinking Realtors with words of affirmation.

The Inspiration PII (Brenda)

My friend Brenda inspired me to complete my BA degree. In 2005, I obtained my Associates degree and my counselor wanted to enroll me in the BA program that week I graduated with my AA. I told my counselor, “Give me a few weeks to recover from the death of my brother!”, this was time wasted as I was still living! Eight years later I graduated with my BA degree.

The Journey (single mom)

I never saw myself as a single mom; however, life transitioned me on this path to raise an amazing entrepreneur who taught me the path of business concepts, thinking outside the box and dreaming BIG! 

The Inspiration (family)

My parents are strong, remained married and now I support them in their geriatric stage of life. Growing up we always lived in a home that we owned. Waking up in a happy home, making our beds up, getting dressed and eating breakfast and dinner was my norm growing up in Monahans TX. This is what made me the woman I am today; structure.

The Beginning

I have humble beginnings. As a single mom I have learned that life has layers. Supporting my dreams, work-life balance and helping others is my trifecta! With Habitat for Humanity, you have the opportunity to build in your community and also in communities around the world. 

DRG Community

Make Yourself at Home


DRG offers white glove services that tends to making your selling experience as simple and seamless as possible. Teamed with experts in the field, DRG offers pricing guidance, selling coordinations, moving support, and more.


DRG has proven records for connecting buyers with trusted lenders who offers guidance on home pre-approval, terms negotiation, and mortgage commitment.

New Agents

New agents enter the world of Real Estate with a blank canvas and the desire for success. DRG offers guidance, support, and real life solutions to launch a successful Real Estate business. With compassion and patience, DRG offers as much or as little support needed with connection to a valuable network.

Seasoned Agents

Seasoned agents are experienced and have invested time and money into their brand and brokerage. When seasoned agents have outgrown their current brokerage, DRG steps in to assist with transitioning to eXp Realty and offers branding hacks that will save time and move during their transition.

It takes a village

DRG Team