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Empowering agents through eXp Realty

eXp agents are high performers who employ strong work ethic and engage in changing lives for the better. Our agents may have dual careers, manage and balance work if in a unique way that makes Real Estate fun again! With Dilene Realty Group, agents are empowered and guided through work ethics, learning and development, and valuable resources. We invite each agent to learn to sell and earn commissions greater than money as commissions go beyond monetary rewards!

DRG with eXp

What we do

On-boarding Support

Connecting the dots during agent on-boarding process and connection to a network of business support.

Lead Generation

Provide resources on how to get leads and how to use your skills and tools to generate profitable and loyal leads.

Smile & Dial

A consistent encounter with buyers and seller through a discipline workspace. An accountable support.


Providing agents with resources to empower sufficiency, productivity, growth, and success.


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Dilene Allen


As a dual agent, Dilene understands the value of hard work. She is a person that champions all aspect of life and have brought that drive and focus into real estate. As a sponsor, Dilene’s goals are to empower and support other real estate agents in building successful businesses!



(214) 924-9396


DRG Community

Smile and Dial

An accountability session where DRG members gather together to “smile and dial.”

A term used by agent when agents virtually gather together to make lead calls while operating from cross the world. Building a pipeline of clients is key to successful real estate as an agent. Therefore, Smile-and-Dial is a method creates a flexible office-like environment that allows each agent to virtually work in the same space while keeping each other accountable. Agents are able to work independently, or chimes in for guidance from other team members.




eXp Realty

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Family Conflicts Over Inherited Land

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