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“The World”



As EXP as my brokerage I enjoy partnering with like minded business partners from most anywhere while meeting and working in the “World” under ONE brokerage virtually, Agents like myself are able to collaborate and attend Real Estate classes together and share best practices in the World. We can even hang out and “have lunch” in the world! Virtual Unity! ‘’

On a daily basis I can reach out to anyone via Workplace by Facebook to agents. This is a platform that allows me to look for and refer clients to other EXP agents

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eXp Realty | Frequently Asked Questions from Real Estate Agents (buildingbetteragents.com)

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Live training courses are ideal for me but there are times that will not allow me to be presents so I can always catch the recorded course. 

The most important aspect is National and international collaboration! eXp, has an excellent commission model as an 80/20 commission split with a $16,000 annual cap. That means each time an agent closes on a property, they keep 80% of the commission and 20% goes to eXp.

EXP has an amazing platform called “The World” 

 The World is an online campus where agents and staff meet for a real life well avatar life real tike experience. 

Agents can interact with other agents here. 

We attend classes inside out State and Global auditoriums. 

The word is easy to navigate to meet colleagues host virtual meetings. 

Everyone has their own avatar. We can changes clothes, walk, talk, and dance!!


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