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Family Conflicts Over Inherited Land

Neither party has to be “right” or “wrong” sometimes it can be a matter of lifestyle differences.

A death in the family can bring up many emotions of unresolved and sometimes painful issues.

Some will freely embrace what is happening with their feelings of warm memories and others will display feelings of grudges and unresolved guilt.

Families fight for many reasons due to the death of a loved one activates the death anxieties of those left behind. In some cases members of a family have a partial or full-blown personality disorder that causes them to distort and escalate natural family rivalries into personal and legal battles.

Once a Will is written and executed doesn’t always mean that  everything will go according to what the deceased wanted, especially if the deceased wasn’t clear in the Will and has not shared in a group setting what they want to happen with everyone at the same time. Oftentimes a family member will tell individuals bits and pieces what that want and decades later change their mind and share additional information with a different family member that can even contradict a written Will especially if the deceased has not “refreshed” their Will and refiled an updated Will.

It is always a good idea to refresh a Will each time there is a life event such as a death of a person named in the Will. Without this one
update can add unwelcomed doubt, conflict confusion and families to the server.

Dying intestate is when one does not have a Will made before one dies. In such cases, distribution of the decedent’s property if any proceeds under the state’s intestate succession laws. The state can take over a portion of the deceased property only when there aren’t any qualified living heirs according to the appropriate state’s laws.

Finding a good attorney to establish a Will and refreshing a Will is paramount in protecting your wishes.

Dilene Allen

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